IAM Magazine issue 74

November/December 2015

Extinction-level event: out of adversity, opportunity

Recent developments mean that established, assertion-based patent monetisation models in the United States face a potentially bleak future. However, this could encourage new types of businesses that revitalise the bond between patents and invention
David Kline


At the controls of the global IP market express Premium content

An elite group of individuals drives the international IP deals market, with big-ticket, innovative transactions, new ways of looking at value creation and cutting-edge thought leadership. We reveal the IAM Market Makers 2015
Joff Wild, Jack Ellis, Richard Lloyd and Sara-Jayne Clover

China’s transformation into a global patent powerhouse – challenges and trends

China’s rapid IP development – and the associated pros and cons – are now regular topics of discussion for market observers. But what this means in pragmatic terms for Asia-Pacific companies is less often heard
YP Jou, Gilbert Wu and Warren Chan

The Rockwell Collins IP best practices journey Premium content

The aerospace and defence industry presents some unique challenges for rights holders. Rockwell Collins has been adapting to this ever-changing sector by taking a dynamic approach to IP management, transactions and cross-sector cooperation
Carolyn Tomberlin

Board accountability for patents

As patents are transacted, divested, litigated and strategically managed more frequently, the risk and value that corporate senior management and boards must monitor and take responsibility for are greater than ever before
Ian D McClure and Elvir Causevic

An inside look at the innovation impairment myth of patent reform

Legislative reform of the US patent system may alleviate the concerns of companies that face assertions, but they could end up with a far more difficult situation on their hands as a result
Mike Pellegrino

Value in the shadow of conflict: IP rights in dispute

Much of the value of IP assets relies on their performance in dispute. Targeted analysis can help rights holders to determine how best to maximise that value when faced with litigation
Robert J Parnell

Asia’s antitrust regulators target IP Premium content

Antitrust compliance has become one of the most important aspects of conducting IP business in Asia. IAM shines a light on the region’s key competition watchdogs, their new patent policies and what these mean for rights holders
Jacob Schindler

Back in fashion – trade secrets in the modern enterprise

With increasing uncertainty in the patent landscape, trade secret protection is becoming more important for businesses than ever before
James Pooley


PTAB must bite bullet and make definitive call on hedge fund inter partes review requests

Inter partes review requests make up only a small part of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s workload; but they are causing it a major headache. That will continue for as long as it avoids addressing the issue head on

Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past …

Introducing IAM Market – a new portal designed to simplify the IP transactions process

A new product to be launched this autumn by IAM will help to simplify the IP transactions market, as well as making it more transparent. IAM Market is an online portal designed to allow IP owners to profile their licensing and sales operations and technology transfer programmes, as well as provide details of specific rights that they are interested in transacting.


Playing the long game

Licensors have much to think about as the environment surrounding standard-essential patents undergoes major changes
Richard Buttrick

Out from the ‘murky morass’ – part two

Other more clearly defined provisions of US patent law could prevent the eligibility of entire scientific and technological fields being brought into question by Section 101 jurisprudence
David J Kappos

Perception is reality for more patent holders

Patents associated with brands are more highly valued by some businesses than valid and infringed ones
Bruce Berman

Anyone for tennis? ECJ ruling calls for more structure in FRAND negotiations

The European Court of Justice has handed down its long-awaited decision on the competition law implications of asserting standard-essential patents in Huawei v ZTE
Tilman Müller-Stoy

Data centre

IP-related statistics from the recent past Premium content

A selection of key IP facts and figures, as reported by IAM and other sources

Co-published editorialRoundtable

Europe’s litigation powerhouse

Already Europe’s number one patent litigation forum, Germany is becoming even more popular as a dispute resolution venue. Some of the country’s leading practitioners explain why

Co-published editorialSpecial reports

Patents in Asia 2015

The emerging innovation battleground


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