IAM Magazine issue 57

January/February 2013

Meet the China IP Champions

After an in-depth research process to identify Chinese companies with world-class IP strategies, IAM can reveal those that made the grade. The biggest surprise is how few there are
Justin Kung and Virna Chung


Turning the spotlight on the brokered patent market Premium content

Although sales of brokered patent packages reach an estimated US$153 million a year, lack of data makes this a tricky market to evaluate. A review of 186 patent packages attempts to illuminate this information void
Kent Richardson and Erik Oliver

Domain names rewired

As the controversial new generic top-level domain programme gets ready to launch, and with over 2,000 applications already made, brand owners need to prepare for what may prove to be a game-changing development on the Internet
Anne Chasser and Jennifer Wolfe

Monetisation models in biotech and pharma

Pharma and biotech companies are lagging behind when it comes to squeezing value from their IP assets. Are rights holders missing a trick or are the barriers in this sector much tougher? And are there social costs to this failure?
Sherry M Knowles, William Geary, Brent Bellows, Adrian Dawkes and Karl Normington

Use it or lose it: monetise patents while others still need them

IP assets can be among the most valuable resources that a company holds. However, as product lifecycles get faster, asset managers are beginning to do the once unthinkable – sell patents while they still command significant market value
Robert Aronoff

The state of IP valuation in China

Although the number of entities offering IP valuation services in China is on the rise, quality is patchy. For companies – domestic and foreign – that need to ascertain IP values for deal making, litigation or anything else, this poses serious challenges
William C Elkington

The very industrious Caterpillar

Head of Caterpillar’s IP group Dennis Skarvan talks technology, integration and the importance of teamwork
Sara-Jayne Clover

Playing to the crowd

Crowdfunding can provide fledgling businesses with the capital they need to get their ideas off the ground. But to attract significant investment, start-ups must make a compelling pitch while not giving too much away. They also need to think carefully about IP
Jack Ellis

Health check on European innovation reveals serious concerns

On the face of it, innovation in Europe seems to be in rude health, with filings at the European Patent Office at an all-time record high. However, more detailed examination reveals some serious health concerns
Douglas Gordon and Haydn Evans


In praise of David Kappos

Although political divisions in the United States are intense, there is one thing on which both Democrats and Republicans are agreed: David Kappos did an excellent job as Director of the USPTO

Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past...


The innovator’s opportunity: technology licensing

Technology licensing can be a canny way to commercialise investments for innovative companies, helping them to win strategic advantages in markets of interest and generate sustainable royalty revenue streams
Charles Chapman and Steve Stoecker

From IP to IPO

The growing investor interest in the IP asset class presents an attractive opportunity for private IP companies
Eli Dominitz

The need to lead: IBM under the microscope

Obtaining large numbers of questionable patents has been more effective for some companies than maintaining a handful of really good ones. Patent count leader IBM will need to be more creative to stay ahead
Bruce Berman

Apple loses appeal on “cool” design

On 28th September 2012, the Court of Appeal of England and Wales heard appeals against two High Court decisions given by Judge Colin Birss in connection with the much-publicised dispute between Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited and Apple Inc
Gary Small and Matthew Birch

Co-published editorialIndustry insight

Branding in the Middle East: how to seize opportunity amidst conflict

A rapidly-growing consumer base has driven a steady march of ever-more western and regional brands into the Middle East, writes Jeroen Lallemand, Director of Marketing, IP Solutions, Thomson Reuters


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