IAM Magazine issue 56

November/ December 2012

Patent litigation as an asset class

As the litigation finance industry grows in prominence, funders and their investors are increasingly turning their attention to patents
Jack Ellis


Analysing the role of NPEs in the patent system

The debate about the merits or otherwise of non-practising entities in the United States is ongoing and frequently controversial. It is also characterised by assertions based on questionable data
David L Schwartz and Jay P Kesan

IP commercialisation in China: suggested answers to common questions

There are plenty of opportunities for innovative companies to undertake R&D and get involved in collaorative projects in China, but to succeed they have to be able to navigate what is often a very unfamiliar business culture and regulatory regime
David Baghurst and Yu-Chun Su

IP management in aerospace and defence

IP and other intellectual assets play a key role in the aerospace and defence industry, and are regularly monetised, but the high-profile litigation seen in other sectors has yet to make a mark
William C Elkington

A tale of untapped potential

European companies have been less willing to monetise their IP assets than those in the US. There are a number of reasons for this and each represents an opportunity lost
Anders Arvidsson

Demystifying IP valuation in Asia

IP valuation remains a highly complex task, and although the approaches to it are easy to understand, implementation is the critical issue. Nowhere is this more so than in Asia
Brett Shadbolt and Agostino De Angelis

India’s IP trailblazer Premium content

Tata Steel may be a Fortune 500 business with sites located all over the world, but until recently it was an IP novice. But times are changing at this Indian powerhouse, with benchmarking and monetisation moving up the corporate agenda
Helen Sloan

A bright idea Premium content

There are thousands of LED lighting manufacturers in China, but very few of them have developed an international presence. One of the rare exceptions is Civilight, whose focus on cooperation, with IP licensing as a bridge, has reaped significant dividends
Victoria Wang

The law and the ultimate intellectual asset

While intellectual property has risen to an elevated position of strategic significance and monetary importance in our society, many fail to realise what has changed and how incisively the law itself has become central to enterprise strategy
Lindsay Moore

Discovering your other balance sheet

IP and other intangibles have emerged as an asset class capable of being exploited in financial markets; and there are a number of monetisation options to choose from
Stephen Robertson

Achieving a balance between offence and defence in 21st century capitalism

If capitalism in the 21st century is to deliver long-term sustainable value, it must achieve a healthy balance between offence and defence. This will require a notable correction to the current imbalance
Sean Lyons


After the verdict, the reckoning

There has never been a more high-profile patent case than that between Apple and Samsung in the Northern District of California. And the August verdict could be a game changer for more than the two companies that faced off across the courtroom floor

Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past ...


The analysis angle

The capacity to perform deep, insightful patent analysis is foundational to a productive IP organisation
Charles Chapman and William Wagner

He’s no Robin Hood

File sharing promotes a culture of piracy that makes it more acceptable to steal branded goods and inventions, as well as content. Big daddy Kim Dotcom is sticking it to all IP holders
Bruce Berman

Isolated DNA sequence patents - safe for now in the US

A divided panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit confirmed that isolated natural DNA sequences remain patentable in the United States. But this may not be the final word on the subject
Dennis Gregory and Robert H Fischer


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