IAM Magazine issue 50

November/December 2011

50 for 50

As IAM celebrates its 50th issue, we name 50 of the people, companies and institutions, as well as a few other things, that have helped form the market on which we have been reporting for the last eight years
Joff Wild, Jack Ellis and Jane Denny


The US$4.5 billion tipping point Premium content

It was the largest patent auction in history and triggered a summer of sales featuring some of the world’s biggest technology players. But will the Nortel patent auction prove to be a game changer in the way that intellectual property is viewed and valued?
Helen Sloan

Intellectual property and venture capital

There are significant opportunities for venture capital investment in start-up businesses seeking to exploit developments in the IP marketplace
Jorge Torres

HP and Yahoo!’s curious competition

Recent decisions taken by the boards of HP and Yahoo! have both had tangibly negative affects on the companies’ stock performance
Nir Kossovsky

The IP marketplace comes of age Premium content

While too many companies, regulators and courts in the West are placing obstacles in the way of the IP marketplace reaching its full potential, in Asia they are marching ahead
Ralph Eckardt and Mark Blaxill

Claims-based patent valuation

In a world where intellectual property increasingly drives market value, determining patent value is an essential skill. Unfortunately, the methodologies used to do this frequently neglect the essence of a patent: the claims
Charles A Eldering and Juan Gisone

An extraordinary squandering of intellectual capital assets

Avoiding the attrition of women from IP businesses leads to improved profitability
Mona Sabet

IP risk assessments a pragmatic approach to avoiding problems

An IP risk assessment limits the number of IP-related surprises that a corporation faces. It lowers the risk in acquisitions and allows management to price products to incorporate the risk that is assumed
Richard Baker

The struggle to stay ahead in innovation

A booming market for patents, open innovation and non-practising entities that specialise in idea generation are changing approaches to innovation. Together, they pose challenges for large companies trying to stay ahead in the innovation stakes
Haydn Evans


It’s time for European IP owners to meet the pirate challenge head-on

The Pirate Party’s stunning success in a key German election held in September sets IP owners in Europe a challenge that they cannot afford to duck

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past...

“Today, lots of investors and innovators in Silicon Valley, maybe the majority, would tell you the patent system is doing the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to.


0 to 50 in 8.5 years

When this column started publishing in 2003, IP investing was less of a strategy than an idea. T oday , how patents contribute to results is better understood - so are the associated challenges
Bruce Berman

Apple v Samsung: the German Tab Decision

Although a court’s decision to prohibit the sale, pr oduction and possession of the Samsung Galaxy T ab 10.1 in Germany created news headlines across the world, it was not a surprise
Gottfried Schüll and Nazim Söylemezoglu

Co-published editorialIndustry insight

Getting the most value from your IP payments partner

Ensuring your or your clients’ IP rights are maintained and well-protected often depends on who manages your IP payments, writes Emily DeWolfe of Thomson Reuters


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