IAM Magazine issue 36

July/August 2009

The team player

Horacio Gutierrez has been Microsoft’s chief intellectual property officer for three years now. In that time he has built a 200-strong team and dealt with issues fundamental to the company’s future
David Kline


IV shifts gear

With a mountain of money in the bank and a wide-ranging investment strategy, Intellectual Ventures continues to drive the IP market forwards
Nigel Page

Patents, incentives and a few crazy inventions

To encourage truly groundbreaking innovation, a patent system must also be able to tolerate other, more bizarre inventions
William A Barrett

Putting the IAM function at the heart of corporate strategy

Almost all readers of this magazine understand the strategic importance of IP to companies’ competitiveness and financial performance. The challenge is to make the C-suite see it too. Only a change in the way IP value is communicated will help
Ralph Eckardt and Mark F Blaxill

IA metrics for the other IP market

Risk and reputation management is a natural extension of intellectual property management, but it is an area of business operations in need of much greater support
Nir Kossovsky, Robert P Liscouski and Peter Gerken

The elephant in the room

The United States is in the grip of an expensive, low-quality, patentrelevance, patent-production crisis
Craig P Opperman

Time for Big Pharma to be loud and proud

Big pharmaceutical companies may have a poor reputation, but a close look suggests it is not deserved. The problem is that too many are silent about the great deal of positive work they do. GSK has decided to break down this wall of silence
Sara-Jayne Adams


Europe needs an EPO leader to tackle its many patent problems

Alison Brimelow is standing down as the president of the EPO in 2010. Her successor will have a huge job to do. And that means the best person for the job must get it


CIPO forum
Patent reform: season to taste

Reconciling the myriad issues and constituencies at play in the patent reform debate requires a careful blend of time and full understanding of consequences
Damon Matteo

IP investor
Message in a bottle

When it comes to press coverage of IP activities, even good reporters seldom seem to get it right. That’s why most IP executives would rather hide from journalists than speak to them. They don’t realise that they need the press more than it needs them
Bruce Berman

IP lawyer
Loose ends

How to deal with the risks of tying complaints following the European Commission’s Microsoft cases
Stephen Whitfield and Natasha Kirk

Patent analytics

Industry Focus: Consumer Electronics

This issue's featured industry data includes key patent metrics fior companies in the Consumer Electronics Industry
Ocean Tomo Patent Ratings

Co-published editorialIndustry insight

The value of IP in a recession

If history is any guide, companies that invest in intellectual property in a recession come out of the experience stronger than those who choose to wait for the economy to improve, says Jeremy Rosie, Director, Thomson Reuters IP Solutions


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