IAM Magazine issue 33

January/February 2009

Made in China - a glimpse into the future of patent information

Something’s going on in China. From humble beginnings, an unstoppable momentum of innovation is building. If global trends continue, China looks set to dominate the patent information landscape
Bob Stembridge


Use intangible assets to weather the financial crisis

As economic and financial uncertainty persists in many parts of the world, now is the time for companies to harvest their intangibles. After all, they are often the real drivers of value, revenue and overall sustainability
Michael D Moberly and JongPil Cheon

Understanding and unifying diverse IP strategy perspectives

In today’s economically uncertain era, a strong and unified IP strategy, combined with the ability to execute it, will reduce costs and risks while increasing company value
John Cronin and Paul DiGiammarino

False patent marking: a trap for the unwary patentee

There has been a recent surge in false patent marking suits in the US. To avoid becoming victims, companies need to take proactive steps now
Edward E Vassallo, Douglas Sharrott and Steven K Le

A flight to quality

The developed world is slipping into recession and established investment vehicles are crashing into disrepute. What will be the knock-on effect for IP assets - and those tasked with their management and monetisation?
Nigel Page

The cream of the crop

Becoming an IP Hall of Fame inductee is no easy thing. That’s why those who have made it this year are all acknowledged leaders in their respective fields
Sara-Jayne Adams and Joff Wild


The IP challenges facing Barack Obama

Patents, trademarks and copyrights are crucial US assets. The new president has major decisions to make that will affect their ongoing value to corporate America


Examining re-exams: part one

Inter partes re-exams did not catch on immediately, but they are becoming increasingly popular at the USPTO
Damon C Matteo

Overlooked and understated

The most valuable patents a company owns may not be those that drive licensing deals, but those that underpin products and secure freedom of action
Bruce Berman

Towards a moral theory of capital

While there is much debate about why we have a financial crisis and how to solve it, one thing is clear: as a society that depends on the creation of capital, we know very little about how capitalism works
Ulf Petrusson and Bo Heiden

The consequences of Bilski

The recent Bilski decision should encourage US patent applicants to use a variety of claim types, include a machine or transformation in the body of the method claim, and include more specific embodiments in the written description
Kurt M Berger and Stephen G Kunin

Co-published editorialRoundtable

The truth about China

The reports about IP and China in the mainstream media and the actual truth are often two completely different things, say a panel of experts taking part in this special roundtable


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