IAM Magazine issue 26

October/November 2007

The decade-long revolution

It is now 10 years since David Bowie put pen to paper to seal the first music royalty securitisation. From what better place than the inside is there to assess how this deal and those that followed have revolutionised the world of IP monetisation?


Navigating the European litigation maze

Litigating the same patent in more than one European jurisdiction is complex, costly and time consuming. But often it is unavoidable

The recipe for CIPO success

There are 12 essential ingredients needed to create the perfect chief intellectual property officer

The economics of judicial patent reform in the United States

Patent reform in the US is being directed, in some cases, at certain types of business. However, attempts to tackle the challenges they pose could have damaging consequences for innocent bystanders

Small but perfectly formed

It may have only a few members, but companies across the world have benefited from work done by The Gathering – an organisation that has been hugely influential in spreading the intellectual asset management message over the last decade

Just say no

Because strong patents advance science, calls in the US for an expanded research use exemption must be rejected

For what it’s worth

Having communication channels other than traditional financial statements is critical for the financial wellbeing of companies rich in intangible assets

The strategic edge

Tactical deployment of intellectual assets may bring short-term benefits, but sustainable success depends on thinking and acting strategically

IP best practice in the investment holding period

There are 10 golden rules for VC-backed companies to follow if they want to ensure their IP is as valuable as possible in the period leading up to sale


European Commission assumes role of global technology watchdog

The recent European Court of First Instance decision in the Microsoft case may turn out to have major implications for all IP owners operating in the technology sector

IP Hall of Fame inductees announced

A process that began in April 2007 ended at the beginning of September when the names of those to be inducted into the IP Hall of Fame for 2007 were announced in London. The inductees were voted in by the IP Hall of Fame Academy


Piece of mind

Getting all intangibles onto the balance sheet should be the longterm goal, but while we wait for that to happen there are other options that may facilitate the monetisation of IP rights

Theoretical challenges, practical consequences

There is an urgent need to develop ways in which intellectual capital can be valued into existence

Due diligence or discount

Due diligence does not have to be a part of all patent valuations. But if it isn't, discounting will have to take its place

A sea change in wilful infringement

A recent Federal Circuit decision has redefined the wilful damages landscape in the United States

Patent analytics

Electronics & Instruments

Hon Hai Precision Industries takes the lead from Canon. Honeywell moves into the top 10 while Matsushita drops out. Six of the top 10 companies have patent holdings in multiple scorecard industries, five of the companies are conglomerates; however pure-play companies take the top two spots

Co-published editorialRoundtable

Navigating the European litigation maze

Litigating the same patent in more than one European jurisdiction is complex, costly and time consuming. But often it is unavoidable


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