IAM Magazine issue 03

November/December 2003

Taking IP to market the BTG way

BTG plc has a simple enough mission statement – to find, develop and commercialise emerging technologies in the life and physical sciences. Getting the financial markets to understand just what it means to be perhaps the world’s only full-service IP-commercialisation operation, however, can be a tough job.


From virgin to evangelist – seeing the IP light

It is tough trying to spread the IP message in Europe when too many company executives, investors, and even patent lawyers and attorneys, do not see its full potential. Just ask a man who has been trying for the last three years.

A value chain approach to IP management

As a proactive business tool, a company can use its IP not only to increase profits in its traditional areas of product development, but also to foray into non-traditional markets and to build stronger relationships with buyers and suppliers.

Germany latches onto its IP potential

Organisations in Germany are beginning to recognise the value of their dormant intellectual property and put it to use. This represents an enormous opportunity for experienced venture capital firms.

To maximise IP value a company needs the right culture

It is not enough to decide that a company needs to manage and commercialise its IP assets more effectively. Senior management also has to understand that it has a key role to play if any plan is to be a success.

A revolution postponed

Intangible assets frequently make-up well over 50% of company value, yet there is no widely accepted method for expressing them on company balance sheets or in statutory accounts. Baruch Lev, one of the world’s leading authorities on intangible accounting, believes this has to change but concedes that for it to happen there are some formidable barriers to overcome.


Competition authorities seek to curb IP owners’ rights

The European Commission and the US’s Federal Trade Commission have both issued consultation documents outlining their views on intellectual property in several key areas. Rights owners have reacted with dismay

The US’s continued technology leadership not guaranteed, top VC tells LES

A recent meeting of the Licensing Executives Society was told that the US’s lead in technology is not guaranteed. Top venture capitalist John Denniston believes there could be a serious threat from Europe and Asia

Drug manufacturers battle for the moral high ground in new Europe

A war of words has erupted between branded pharma companies and their generic rivals in Europe. Neither group, however, seems to be prepared to talk about the bottom line


The double standard

Hold a property developer to ransom with a piece of land blocking a major building scheme and you are called a shrewd businessman. Demand a licence fee to use a patent covering key technology and you are branded a villain. Something’s wrong.

Economics, ethos and intellectual ethics

It does not only take good directors and officers to ensure a company’s IP portfolio is run to the benefit of its investors. Shareholders themselves must also take a keen interest

Due diligence pitfalls

Early preparation for a thorough IP due diligence has the potential to save companies a great deal of time and money further down the line


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