Patents in Europe 2006


Quality at the European Patent Office

Quality is at the heart of the European patent system. The EPO is deeply and very concretely committed to ensuring that it remains so and intends to be the world benchmark for patent quality.

Strategic issues concerning patent litigation in Europe

Cross-border patent litigation remains as complex as ever. However, there is some hope that there will be a simpler system in future.

Filing divisional applications in Europe: a dangerous hobby?

The EPO Boards of Appeal have recently considered a series of important issues relating to divisional applications.

Patent enforcement in Norway

Norway has to be factored into any pan-Scandinavian patenting strategy, although the country will probably not become a member of the European Patent Convention until the end of 2007.

The reform of the European Patent Convention: grant and opposition proceedings

The modifications made to the European Patent Convention in 2000, which are due to come into force by the end of 2007, will have major implications for patentees and applicants

A tale of spiders and torpedoes

The ECJ’s recent decisions in GAT v LuKand Roche v Primus will make life much harder for patentees seeking to enforce their rights in cases involving more than one European country.

The Boards of Appeal at the EPO

The Boards of Appeal of the EPO have a vital role to play in the European patenting process.

Facing up to Europe’s patent challenges

The European Patent Office is not only responsible for the delivery of a high-quality patent application and grant process, but also has a central role to play as Europe debates its patent future.


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