Licensing in the Boardroom 2009

What senior executives need to know about the ins and outs of licensing.


IV shifts gear

With a mountain of money in the bank and a wide-ranging investment strategy, Intellectual Ventures continues to drive the IP market forwards
Nigel Page

Small is beautiful

Cellport Systems has thrived as a small research-based business in a market dominated by the big boys. An innovative approach to patenting plays a fundamental role in a strategy that has created several billion-dollar revenue streams
Pat Kennedy

Ten common myths about intangibles value and valuation

There are a number of common assumptions that people make about valuing intangibles. Many of these are just plain wrong
Patrick H Sullivan and Alexander J Wurzer

India creates a safe haven for IP licensing

IP licensing is helping more multinational companies enter the Indian markets than ever before. This has been prompted by the lifting of trade restrictions and administrative hurdles and a tougher approach to misuse
Binny Kalra and Taapsi Johri

ECJ ruling ratchets up protection for prestigious marks

A new ECJ decision shines some light on the murky issue of resale rights in the luxury goods sector. The ECJ found that the violation of contractual provisions designed to protect a brand’s image can give rise to an infringement claim against third-party resellers
Jean-François Bretonnière and Nelly Olas

Is Mexico on the verge of compulsory licensing?

The swine flu outbreak has reopened the debate about compulsory licences. So far the government has not issued compulsory licences for antivirals, though the threat has encouraged patent owners to keep prices low, at least for now
Héctor Elias Chagoya Cortes

Applying valuation and analytics tools to licensing

Licensing negotiations can throw up bewildering questions, from market prices to future risks. However, using different types of valuation and analytics tools can help to deliver a successful licensing programme
Richard Lettiere and Brian Frizzell

Four keys to successful technology in-licensing

In-licensing can allow companies to take advantage of outside knowledge and technology without bearing excessive costs or risk. A well-thought out agreement and thorough due diligence are crucial to its success
Gary S Weinstein, Peter Kinsella and Robert B Leonard

Bilski in the boardroom

In a ruling that could significantly affect patent portfolio value, the US Supreme Court will soon decide whether software, biotech and IP processes require a special purpose machine to be eligible for patent
Gregory Stobbs

Beyond revenue generation: taking a creative approach to licensing

The cardinal rules for building an effective licensing programme are to reward the risk taker and creatively fix its problems. Following these rules and looking at licensing in a broader business context can result in more than just an extra revenue stream
Michael Hilton

The growing global impact of the US patent exhaustion doctrine

While the patent exhaustion doctrine can help patent owners control the further use of their products, there is disagreement over how far downstream it applies. Post-Quanta, uncertainty still lingers over whether foreign sales exhaust patent rights
Michael J Lennon

Rembrandts or rubbish in the attic?

Much business advice over the last decade has centred on getting value out of R&D through aggressive patenting strategies. But does a “patent everything” strategy really pay off?
Daniel Ryan, Anne Layne-Farrar and Andrew Wynn

Keeping a close eye on licensing

An effective post-agreement licensee monitoring strategy is an excellent way for companies to maximise the value of their revenue streams; as with so many aspects of a successful business relationship, communication is key
Matthew V Scavo

To lease or not to lease: why selling IP is often the better option

While licensing can help a company to generate revenue, sometimes maintaining patents can be more trouble than they are worth. Companies should not be afraid to sell off IP to generate capital and to refocus their patent portfolios
Richard Moses


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