IP Monetisation Yearbook 2013

A guide with a specific focus on the various ways in which intellectual property can be used to generate revenue.


Franchising: a growing opportunity in India

Franchising in India is becoming an increasingly popular business model, and could fast become an engine of the Indian economy
Swati Sharma

The move to international exhaustion in the United States

In its final decision in a trilogy of cases, the US Supreme Court has resolved the issue of international versus domestic exhaustion for copyrighted works
W Edward Ramage

To sell or not to sell? Myth v reality in IP monetisation

Observing best practice for patent transactions can help to turn in-house patent management professionals into sophisticated purveyors of IP assets
Elvir Causevic

What VC and PE practitioners need to know about IP

When considering intellectual property as an asset class, investors must approach due diligence and post-deal management a little differently to reap the benefits
Chris Donegan

Using effective IP due diligence to guide an IP monetisation strategy

Understanding the factors that lead to strong intellectual assets is a key element of a successful corporate monetisation plan
Bruce Rubinger

FRAND-based litigation and competition issues in Europe

While FRAND disputes have been on the rise in Europe, a pending ECJ decision may end the heyday of FRAND-based litigation – in Germany at least
Bernd Allekotte

Monetisation of IP royalties and revenue streams

New monetisation techniques such as royalty interest sales, revenue and royalty interest financings and IP securitisations are generating increased investor interest
Jose A Esteves

Patent sales programmes: key issues

A successful patent sales programme must take account of myriad complex factors, including industry dynamics, the buyer ecosystem, and patent and deal attributes
Art Monk

Outsourcing monetisation– working with NPEs

Although dominant in R&D, Asian companies still trail the West when it comes to IP monetisation. Strategic allies in the form of NPEs may be the answer
Jasmine Kway

The ins and outs of brand licensing

While licensing presents many opportunities, the practical problems that can arise when extending a brand into new market sectors through a licensee should not be overlooked
Andrew Hammond and Gunnar Hjalt

The role of patent pools in commercialising high demand technology

While patent pools can assist in commercialising technology covered by a patent thicket, they may not be as effective in fostering new innovation
Karen Sinclair and Mark Summerfield


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