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Throughout the year IAM publishes management reports and supplements which are designed to explore a range of issues that have an impact on the creation of IP value. Put together with the needs of a high-level corporate readership in mind, these special publications may focus on a particular industry area or jurisdiction; alternatively, they provide a range of views on strategic issues, such as litigation, monetisation and financing. Available in print and online formats, all management reports and supplements that IAM produces are written by the world’s leading experts in the areas covered.

Management reports

Annual IAM supplements and management reports take an in-depth look at specific areas of IP value creation concern and opportunity.



Leading lawyers and attorneys discuss how developments in different jurisdictions affect IP owners.


IAM Life Sciences 2018

The key IP issues that entities operating in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries may confront as they develop and roll out their business strategies.


India: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2018/19

Detailed articles exploring the key themes that emerge across the IP lifecycle in India


IAM Yearbook 2018

A guide to IP strategy and monetisation, and the global legal framework within which they occur.


Patents in Europe 2018/19: Helping business compete in the global economy

Patent prosecution, management and enforcement in Europe; includes country-by-country guides to litigation.


China: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2018/2019

Exploring the issues facing IP owners in China as they seek to secure, protect and commercialise their rights.                


IP Value 2014 - An international guide for the boardroom

Annual update of key IP developments worldwide for senior executives.


IP Monetisation Yearbook 2013

A guide with a specific focus on the various ways in which intellectual property can be used to generate revenue.


Brands in the Boardroom

Trademark management and protection issues around the world for senior executives.


Licensing in the Boardroom 2009

What senior executives need to know about the ins and outs of licensing.


IAM Chinese

IAM: Chinese edition – dedicated to providing China’s rapidly developing IP value creation community with our unique market information and analysis.


IAM Japanese

IAM Japanese – dedicated to providing Japan's rapidly developing IP value creation community with our unique market information and analysis.


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