Joff Wild

Defensive patent aggregator RPX Corp has stated that its IPO, which took place today, raised approximately $159.6 million, with shares trading at $19 a pop. This is higher than the original $16 to $18 forecast, and must mean the firm is valued close to, or even over, $1 billion. That is an extraordinary valuation for a company that has yet to have its third birthday and which has generated "just" $100 million since its inception. How much leverage does this give the firm's subscribers I wonder? Could RPX afford to allow any of them to walk away by refusing a request for a discount on subscription fees?

You can follow RPX share price performance here. As of 5.45 pm UK time (12.45 EST), shares were trading at $23.65, up over 20% on the day. As I say, extraordinary. I cannot do the maths, but I wonder whether RPX is now notionally more valuable than Acacia, the NASDAQ-quoted NPE. Its market cap is currently $1.45 billion. That's up from $90 million two and a half years ago. Is it just me, or is anyone else seeing bubbles when they close their eyes?