Joff Wild

Joe Mullin at Corporate Counsel reports that patents formerly owned by Intellectual Ventures are currently being litigated in an East Texas court. The plaintiff in the case is an NPE called Oasis Research LLC, which was established back in June by one John Desmarais. Yes, the very same Desmarais who set up Round Rock Research last year prior to acquiring over 20% of the entire patent portfolio owned by Micron Technologies.

Last year this blog looked at IV's involvement with Ray Niro and concluded that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the firm doing whatever it wanted with its IP. In the end, if companies do not take licences to IP that you think they should be taking your only option is to go to court so that the matter can be resolved. And if IV wants to use a third party patent privateer rather than doing it itself then so what?

But this Desmarais link is intriguing. At the time his hook-up with Micron came to light I wondered where he had got the money to make the purchase. If Micron made the sale and now has no further financial stake in the portfolio, then either Desmarais managed to get the bargain of the century - given the quality of the patents involved - or he managed to secure some heavyweight backers. As this current story shows, he clearly has good links with IV. I just wonder ...