17 Aug 2017

Ericsson brings lawsuits against French smartphone maker as CIPO targets free riders

Ericsson filed patent infringement lawsuits in Mannheim and Dusseldorf on Monday against Wiko after, the Swedish telecoms giant claimed, four years of licensing negotiations had failed to produce a deal. The lawsuits accused Wiko of infringing ten patents that relate to 2G, 3G and 4G mobile technology and include a number of standard essential patents (SEPs). The suits came amid what Ericsson chief IP officer Gustav Brismark described as an “increasing number of free riders in our Read more

Richard Lloyd

14 Aug 2017

IAM exclusive: Google IP head Lo jumps to Facebook

IAM can exclusively reveal that Google IP head Allen Lo is joining Facebook in a major move in Silicon Valley IP circles. Lo will effectively replace Sam O’Rourke who left the social media giant earlier this year after ten years as the company’s IP head. Lo joined Google in early 2012 from Juniper Networks taking over from Michelle Lee who went onto become head of the USPTO. Under his leadership the search giant’s patent group has gone through a period of significant Read more

Richard Lloyd

04 Aug 2017

The top IAM blog stories so far in 2017

It’s summertime in the UK – kind of, anyway – and so things are slowing down at IAM for the next month. Some of us are heading off for a bit of R&R, while others are finally catching up on all those emails. If something big happens in the world of IP, you can be sure that we’ll cover it on here, but the blog will not be running at full steam as it does normally. We will still be Tweeting from the IAM account - @iam_magazine – and the normal full intelligence Read more

Joff Wild

03 Aug 2017

New $50 million patent fund underlines latest era in IP investment

It’s not often that an investor commits to spending tens of millions of dollars on patents so the news from earlier this week that Hawkeye Ventures was pairing up with Dominion Harbor to launch a $50 million fund to buy grants worldwide was enough to raise a few eyebrows. The trials and tribulations of trying to monetise assets in the US would be familiar to anyone who reads this blog thanks to the challenges posed by inter partes reviews (IPR) and changes in the law governing patent Read more

Richard Lloyd

02 Aug 2017

AT&T, Lenovo and Rambus back new platform to invest patents in start-ups

A new platform launched this morning designed to help major operating companies invest patents into start-ups as part of a traditional venture capital fundraising round. A group of six businesses including AT&T, Entegris, Lenovo and Rambus, have more than 60,000 patents available for investing in new businesses that are looking to bolster their IP defenses against possible competitor infringement lawsuits. The new platform has echoes of similar initiatives from the likes of Dominion Read more

Richard Lloyd

01 Aug 2017

Doing deals in Asia, the rise and rise of open source, full IPBC 2017 report, and more in the new issue of IAM

Issue 85 of IAM is now online and available to subscribers. The cover story this time around focuses on the wide range of corporate cultures prevalent in Asian technology companies and why it is important for deal makers to understand what these are. Our Asia-Pacific editor Jacob Schindler spoke to senior in-house managers, as well as a number of third-party advisers and intermediaries, to get their take on the value of understanding how an IP-based transaction might be viewed and sold inside Read more

Joff Wild

31 Jul 2017

The $2 billion Apple licensing deal validates Nokia's portfolio and its strategy; expect more to follow

If you were looking for clues as to why Apple is fighting its patent battle with Qualcomm so intensely, you might find some in the latest quarterly results announced by Nokia. These reveal a one off payment of over $2 billion to the Finnish company following the worldwide settlement of the dispute between the pair in May, as well as ongoing royalty payments. Even for a business as cash-rich as the iPhone superpower, that’s a serious amount of money – and a considerable blow to Read more

Joff Wild

28 Jul 2017

Conversant's London SEP suit underlines Europe’s growing appeal for FRAND licensing disputes

The growing status of London’s High Court as a venue of choice for licensing disputes involving standard essential patents (SEPs) was reinforced this week when Conversant filed a lawsuit against ZTE and Huawei, accusing the Chinese telecoms giants of patent infringement (you can see Conversant’s statement announcing the case here). The four patents that are being asserted herald originally from Nokia and relate to 2G, 3G and 4G wireless technology. Conversant acquired the assets Read more

Richard Lloyd

28 Jul 2017

Five things to watch for when China’s new antitrust and IP guidelines are published this year

As we reported earlier this month, the Anti-Monopoly Commission of China’s State Council will release a major set of IP and antitrust guidelines in their final version before the end of 2017. The guidelines are a big project that has been several years in the making. All of the major antitrust and IP-related agencies – NDRC, SAIC, Ministry of Commerce and SIPO – are collaborating this time around, whereas in the past they have issued their own IP-related rules. That means Read more

Jacob Schindler

27 Jul 2017

USPTO report shows growing support for changes to 101, but also reflects shift in patent reform debate

On Tuesday the USPTO published its report on views and recommendations from the public on patent eligible subject matter. The 60-page tome, which goes through the litany of recent changes to section 101 of the US patent statute and details contributions made at the series of public consultations that the agency has carried out over the last year, has much that would be familiar to any keen patent market watcher. The report is not an advocacy document and is therefore not designed to Read more

Richard Lloyd


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